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peer support groups for motivated freelancers

Join to find out how other freelancers are doing business, and to learn from their successes and setbacks.

Stay for the insight and clarity you'll gain from workshopping your own business with like-minded "coworkers" every week.

You got into freelancing because you had a goal: to pursue a career path and lifestyle on your own terms. You're not alone: nearly 40% of the workforce is trying some form of freelance or independent work.

Yet freelancers often burn out from the demands of running a business, getting new work, managing swings in workload and income, and yes, from the social isolation.

You don't have to do it all alone. Get out of your head. Talk to others. Ask for help. Learn.


Peerkat's mission is to help freelancers and other solopreneurs build purposeful, successful and sustainable careers. Don't become a victim of burnout: join one of our cohorts and get the support and accountability you need to build the career you want.