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Our screening process ensures that only motivated and committed freelancers are invited into a Peerkat cohort.


Cohort roles, discussion guides, and group activities are designed to produce learning and results each week.


Each meeting ends with members committing to actions they'll report on the next week, assuring continuous progress.


Members take ownership of the group's progress by sharing generously knowledge, resources, & skills with each other.

Why it works

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Our application process includes a brief form and 30-minute interview. We want to get to know you, your goals and motivations!

how it works

Peerkat's signature two-month program is discussion-based, action-oriented, and powered by the contributions and leadership of each participating member.

Our model borrows from Napoleon Hill's "mastermind" concept: groups of individuals who come together to "grow, learn, evolve, and support one another." By tapping into group feedback and expertise, you'll reach your goals faster and more effectively than you would alone.

The heart of our cohorts is the commitments that members make to themselves and each other. We show up. We contribute. We push each other. We hold each other accountable. We move forward.