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It started with our own experiences freelancing.


The rush from meeting a prospective client. The anxiety over rate negotiations. The pride from sending your first invoice. The stress of unpredictable pay and workload. The fear of not finding good work. The loneliness of missing a team.

Then we looked around and realized we weren't alone - that more people are trying freelance each day. Moonlighters, independent consultants, creatives, parents: nearly 40% of the workforce is engaged in some sort of independent work. Today's professionals create the life and career we want on our own terms.

About Us

We at Peerkat are excited about the way the world of work is changing. To thrive in this changing world, we believe that it is critical to build ecosystems of support for freelancers.


Rather than approach the freelance marketplace from a mindset of competition, we approach it from a mindset of cooperation. We believe that great work will be rewarded, and as more skilled professionals join the freelance marketplace, more opportunities will proliferate.


Peerkat's mission is to help freelancers and other solopreneurs build purposeful, successful and sustainable careers. We believe that inquiry, reflection, and feedback among peers is one of the richest ways to learn. Instead of dictating what freelancers should know and do, we are creating channels for freelancers to share, exchange, and decide for themselves.

Cooperative animal species like meerkats understand instinctively that they are stronger, more protected, and more powerful as a group than as individual actors. Let's take a cue from nature and do the same for ourselves - all freelancers, independent workers, and solopreneurs.

Our recipe is simple: find great people. Create a space to share and reflect. Encourage action and depth, not passivity and breadth. Mix. Bake. Try it, and let us know what you think.